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Address: Sanayi Sitesi, 11. Blok No:3 Uzunköprü, Edirne, Turkey  |   E-mail:  |   Phone: +90 284 513 38 00


Who Are We?

Edirne Kapı; Our company, which develops itself day by day with its service concept aiming at leadership in the door industry, has aimed at the superior service quality principle to benefit from the privileges of design and quality.

Our company strives to transform its knowledge and experience to become a brand in its sector by working in line with its goals and vision. Continuous increase, customer satisfaction and quality is our leading principle.

Our understanding of the highest level of product quality, pre-sales research, on-time delivery in the sales process and unlimited after-sale service system. Behind our success, there are fundamental values ​​such as meeting customer expectations with the right product at the right time, being in continuous and state-of-the-art research and development, and self-renewal without compromising on quality. The aesthetic and quality values ​​of our existing products are in the process of periodic recovery. Today, our company carries out its activities successfully in the sector where it is located and continues its investments rapidly.

Our Office